Vue.js framework

Framework for a comprehensible, fast, pleasant front end of your application.

PAQT Vue.js Framework

Developing software in a structured way

A user should be able to work with an application in a comprehensible, stable, fast way – but preferably, it’s also a pleasant experience. Our specialized front-end developers endeavor to make that happen. They create the front end of an application using Vue.js, the innovative open-source framework based on JavaScript. Vue.js allows us to work (and, therefore, deliver) faster. But that is by no means the only benefit.

Compact framework for maximum performances

A framework is a bit like a ‘library’ that contains a variety of turnkey modules for common tasks and functionalities. This means you won’t have to program everything from scratch all the time. It will not take long to create the foundation of an application, which you can subsequently adjust and expand because it’s open source – the source code is accessible to everyone.

Right now, Vue.js – which hasn’t been around for long – is one of the best performing frameworks. It has a range of new, smart features and takes displaying across devices into account. This lightweight framework is very compact, uses little code, and is really fast. Vue.js is perfect for developing Single Page Applications: pages or screens that don’t have to be reloaded from scratch when collecting data.

Comprehensive design, efficient collaboration

Vue.js is very logical and well defined. On top of that, it comes with excellent documentation. Developers can start working with it much faster than with competing frameworks.

Another significant benefit is that Vue.js allows us to separate front-end development from back-end development, for which we use the Laravel framework. Laravel and Vue.js can be perfectly integrated, literally allowing a team to simultaneously work on both components. And that, too, results in faster delivery.

Flexible and versatile

Just because the Vue.js framework is exceptionally clear and compact, that doesn’t mean it is only suitable for simple applications. Vue.js can be integrated within existing applications and for connections from several platforms in an easy, flexible manner.

Vue.js ensures shorter development times and a modern user experience, thanks to the clear design and the fast, smooth interaction. That’s good news for the client and end users, but also for developers, who love to work with it.

Benefits of the Vue.js framework

  • An MVP can be realized faster thanks to turnkey code for common functionalities
  • Perfect integration with Laravel: simultaneously work on front end and back end
  • Very compact JavaScript code for faster interaction
  • Tailored to use across devices
  • Can be flexibly integrated within applications, even across several platforms
  • Comprehensible, clear design and excellent documentation for developers
  • Popular open-source framework that evolves at lightning speed
  • Optimal, modern user experience thanks to smooth interaction

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