With DevOps, we continuously monitor your application

PAQT security bij software

DevOps licenses & reporting

To make sure your application functions properly and is secure and accessible, we automatically detect errors, monitor performance, and check code standards.

Your software’s health and our security-related findings are shared through automated reports every month. This is also referred to as DevOps. With DevOps, you will have the licenses of all the required software, which will be set up correctly. It covers (at least) the following applications:

  • BitBucket Pipelines: automated testing from code to production
  • Detectify: performing pentests with every release to production
  • PhpMetrics: periodic quality measurements of the application, including the application framework and the modules used
  • Mailgun: sending and logging outgoing emails in a controlled way
  • Papertrail: logging traffic, application, and server hardware and software events to quickly detect errors
  • Sentry: detecting errors to automatically escalate them to the Scrum team (SLA Office Hours) and the DevOps team (SLA 24/7)
  • UpTrends: measuring application uptime worldwide, including alerts via phone, email, Slack, and text message
  • PAQT: digital collaboration by providing insight into application reports
PAQT kwaliteit en veiligheid

Quality and security

To perform the Application Assessment — with which we assess an application’s code quality — we deploy the same tools we use to continuously monitor an application’s performance, quality, and security.

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