Create an account, and this website will transform into a unique collaboration platform. Here, you will find all actions and communications that relate to your project. At PAQT, there is only one truth for everyone.

You’re aware of and involved in everything, and you can intervene and adjust at any time. Thanks to our structured working method, a project holds no secrets from you. That way, control remains where it should be: with you. And everything we do is driven by your requirements and ambitions.

This is how we work

Our method has 4 focus areas: unearthing the demand, testing a solution and defining it more clearly, drafting a plan of action, and carrying out the implementation. Below, you can read what this entails and which factors are crucial for success.


Understanding and being understood

We thoroughly examine your ambitions and your organization. We also talk to everyone involved. Our goal: to create a clear roadmap and a solid business case.


Your ambition takes shape

From business design to solution design: your ambition takes shape. That helps you define your ideas more clearly and — above all — find out how the market feels about them.


The smartest route to results

Together with everyone involved, we create a step-by-step plan with a keen eye for scope, time, and budget. It’s the perfect preparation for a smooth, successful implementation.


Toward a working solution in as little as 3 weeks

Together, we work toward the end result in short sprints — at a fast pace. That way, we avoid mistakes, remain flexible, and save unnecessary costs.


What drives us

Your ambitions are the driving force behind everything we do. And those ambitions continue to develop — which also goes for your customers’ expectations, as well as technology. That is why we also want to enable — and, above all, facilitate — digitalization for you in the long term.

Our products

We provide everything required for successfully implementing, securing, maintaining, and improving software solutions. All products are ISO 27001 certified.

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