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Sharing information with several different systems through smart middleware

What is middleware software?

Do different systems or applications need to communicate and share data with each other? If so, you can, for example, have a one-on-one custom API connection developed. But if you require connections with multiple, different systems, middleware is the right solution.

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A power strip

Middleware is best seen as a power strip to which you can connect other types of software systems directly and hassle free — without requiring a new, unique API every time.  It’s an intermediate layer for communication and data management. Hence its name, middleware.

Exchanging information in a stable, secure way with middleware

Middleware ensures different processes, applications, and components can exchange information with each other. It doesn’t always involve different servers — applications on your laptop, for example, can also communicate with each other thanks to middleware.

Stability is crucial. If one of the two communicating parties is ‘momentarily absent’ — for instance, due to maintenance — this software should be able to handle the situation. It’s important that middleware can retrieve data at a later point and send an automated notification on a malfunction. Security should also be ensured during the exchange.

Proven expertise on middleware

Middleware development places high demands on quality, reliability, and security. Only a specialized, certified software developer is guaranteed to offer you a high-quality solution.

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Middleware in practice

PAQT has developed middleware for HR service provider Robidus, among others, which automatically retrieves data from customers’ absenteeism software.

The possibilities of middleware

There are several types of middleware:

  • Web middleware: links various web applications (for example, ERP and CRM systems and any customizations).
  • Server middleware: coordinates the sending and receiving of data from applications on a (web) server.
  • Database middleware: ensures you can communicate with a database — for example, through queries.
  • Message-oriented middleware: facilitates asynchronous communication — the sending/receiving of messages at irregular intervals.
  • Transaction middleware: focuses on online transactions (such as iDEAL), including burden of proof, error handling, reports, etc.

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Here’s why PAQT is the go-to expert for middleware:

  • Technical business foundation, which means we think from your organization’s perspective.
  • Sustainable future-proof solutions.
  • Professional middleware development based on the latest technologies.
  • Development according to the CIA triad, which stands for Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.
  • ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and NEN 7510 certified.

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