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Rebuilding software

Improved performance with an existing application through a new back end

Performing better with your current solution

It’s not always necessary to invest in new software. When rebuilding or recreating an application, it basically stays the same ‘on the outside,’ while the back end is completely renewed. This will improve the performance of an application your employees, customers, and partners are very familiar with.

The rebuilt software is faster, more secure, and easier to adjust and expand. Moreover, the application is optimally prepared for connections with other systems and mobile apps. It allows you to regain control of the business, and you’ll be ready for the future.

What we do when rebuilding software

When rebuilding or recreating software, we make sure the application’s code is rebuilt from scratch, using state-of-the-art techniques and adhering to the strictest standards. Usually, we leave the database and front end untouched – the ‘outside’ of the application that users are accustomed to and may have worked with for years.

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A thorough analysis

We start by carrying out an application assessment – what kind of software are we dealing with? We also perform a thorough database and front-end analysis. Subsequently, we consider the business. Only by knowing your organizational goals and strategy, we can pick the right technologies for the back end and connections.

Benefits of rebuilding software

  • Improved speed and scalability
  • Security according to the latest standards
  • Real-time dashboards to give direction where it matters most
  • Easy to maintain and expand: future-proof
  • Possibility to connect with other systems and apps hassle free
  • Continued growth with the same, familiar application

Renewed back-end helps you perform better

Renewing the back end of an application gives you more control over the business. With real-time dashboards, you will have access to all information at any time, which helps you give direction in a better, more targeted way. The software is fast, secure, and bug free. And of course, it’s suitable for smartphones, tablets, and working in the cloud.

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Expand and scale up

Briefly put, you will perform better with a tried-and-tested solution. You won’t have to make any big investments, and users don’t have to get used to new software. And here’s an additional benefit: the software is set up in such a way that you can expand and scale up hassle free (if desired). In other words, it’s future-proof!

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6 signs it’s time to rebuild

  • Pages load increasingly slowly
  • Recurring bugs
  • Insufficient control over maintenance, adjustments, and the option to scale up
  • No real-time dashboard
  • Not device-independent or mobile friendly
  • The software inhibits the growth of your business

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