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Solution design — or, designing the complete solution to your issue — is an important prerequisite for successful software development. That's why it is one of the standard pillars of our working method, Rise. We don't just look at the technical solution — we adopt a broader view.

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Solution design shapes ideal processes

Sometimes, technology isn’t the (exclusive) solution to a problem. So at PAQT, we always consider the complete picture from a business perspective: what’s the goal of the solution we’re creating? If, for example, it is to work more efficiently, process improvement might be part of the solution. By ensuring the technical solution fits those ideal processes, you’ll double the impact: you will improve your process, which will also be supported by smart software.

What is solution design?

Solution design encompasses the designing of the complete solution to your main question. When designing your application, we create clickable prototypes, but we also answer questions that go beyond software. For example, what requirements should the solution meet in terms of technology, functionality, and security? What processes does the software support, and are these running as smoothly as possible? What types of connections can be made to existing systems?

First understand, then design

To properly answer the above questions, we first want to thoroughly understand your demand. Or, rather, the demand behind your demand. What’s the problem or pain point you want to solve, and why do you want to solve it? What solutions are currently offered in the market, and how could a solution benefit you? Based on this information, we sketch an ideal picture of your business processes, including the role of existing and new applications.

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Designing the software

is part of solution design. The application is elaborated in detail, both in a visual and functional sense. The result: one or more working prototypes, which are carefully tested by future users. Based on these tests, we tighten up the designs before we start the implementation process.

Rise: our proven working method

Solution design is one of the four pillars of our proven working method, Rise, which allows us to work toward a working solution in a structured way. We do so by gaining thorough insights, designing, planning, and implementing. The underlying success factors of this working method have been carefully incorporated into our own PAQT platform, where we keep track of progress from the start in a transparent, clear way. It's a single place where everyone can find all information.

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Close collaboration with clients

PAQT’s clients operate in a variety of fields. What they have in common is that they’re looking for software that makes the difference. We collaborate closely with our clients to create those solutions. These are nearly always long-term collaborations, because as a tech partner, we also manage and maintain the solution after delivery.

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