Single Page Application (SPA)

A Single Page Application is an application that fits on a single page, meaning it’s fast, pleasant, and easy to use. At PAQT, we use the front-end framework Vue.js to develop such an SPA.

PAQT Single Page Application

Working in an easier way

If you only need data from the back end, there’s no need to reload other parts you’ve retrieved at an earlier stage. Examples include the HTML of the page, JavaScript, and layout files. That makes for a really fast way of working and a steady user experience.

Inertia.js connects the front and back end

At PAQT, we use the Vue.js framework for front-end development and Laravel for back-end development. With Inertia.js, both frameworks are connected in an even more efficient way. That means we can save time when building applications, and the end user benefits from a faster, responsive application because of a(n) (even) shorter loading time.


Shorter loading time

Data are usually retrieved from the back end over and over again — but Inertia.js offers a great solution. It retrieves all information the first time round. After that, it keeps track of the information that has been loaded. For new page loads, only the requested data is retrieved, which saves a lot of time. What also convenient is that filled out forms are not lost if you leave the page. If you go back to the previous page, everything is still there.


Building faster with less complexity

When building an SPA using Inertia.js, you also save time. API connections are no longer necessary, which makes development less complex. The complexity does partly shift from the front end to the back end — but the experts working at PAQT are mainly back-end developers, so that’s actually convenient.

Inertia.js effciently connects the front and back end using adapters. Currently, there are three official client-side adapters (React, Svelte, and Vue.js) and two server-side adapters (Rails and Laravel).

Why use SPA with Inertia.js?

  • SPAs without APIs (server driven)
  • Less complex applications
  • Use of existing back-end frameworks
  • No other way of programming for developers
  • Use of Vue.js, React, or Svelte for presenting back-end data
  • Faster, responsive applications for the end user


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