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At PAQT, we use PHP as our programming language. And to work in a secure, efficient way, we use application frameworks: turnkey components that can be reused for certain common tasks. In addition to Laravel, we use the PHP framework Symfony for the back end of our software.

Benefits of a framework

A framework such as Symfony saves the development team a lot of time. They no longer have to write standard functions and common tasks from scratch. Components can be used directly. They’re regularly updated, which also improves the security of an application.

Furthermore, the code of the software is easier to maintain and can be understood faster — for example, by a new member of the Scrum team. Last but not least, a framework promotes a well-structured application.

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The power of Symfony

At PAQT, we use Laravel and Symfony for back-end development. We prefer Symfony when it comes to complex enterprise applications. The framework is modular, flexible, and versatile, extremely reliable, and easy to test. Furthermore, Symfony is highly scalable. Another advantage is the OpenAPI support which makes it easier to link APIs.

Incidentally, the components of Symfony can also be used ‘outside’ the framework. You can find them on major international platforms such as Drupal and Magento — and even Laravel uses Symfony components.

Applicatie architecture

Symfony offers more freedom when it comes to an application’s architecture, but it also requires developers to have more knowledge of architecture. That’s why this framework is not the right choice for every software application. So, that’s something we discuss and assess with our clients.

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Open source

Symfony has been developed by Sensiolabs, a commercial enterprise. It’s excellently supported by documentation, tutorials, and international conferences. Furthermore, it’s open source. Besides the experts at Sensiolabs, PHP experts across the globe — including PAQT’s very own professionals — work on further developing this framework, solving problems, and providing support.

Impressive features

  • Ideal for enterprise software
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Stable and reliable
  • Speed and performance
  • Modular architecture on every level (easy to expand)
  • Perfectly scalable
  • OpenAPI support
  • Easy to test
  • Great support and documentation
  • Active community
  • Founder of many important architecture principles in the PHP world

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