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New additions to Team Core: Ricardo and Jos

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By Thomas de Jong

These two new co-workers are a breath of fresh air at PAQT. Meet Ricardo and Jos, Team Core’s new developers.

Developer and designer

If you develop all sorts of great things, it’s a shame if you never get them to work completely. Or at least, that’s what our new front-end developer, Ricardo, thought.

“My designs didn’t come to life the way I wanted them to. So, there was only one solution: I had to program them myself.”


Four years ago, Ricardo made the definitive switch from designer to developer, and he has not regretted it for a moment. He always makes sure his solutions are pixel perfect and work for the end user.

“Of course, it all starts with client’s demand. But in the end of the day, everyone benefits from the best possible end user experience. That will truly turn your software into a success.”

PAQT developer Ricardo

Variety keeps things fun

He likes to sink his teeth into something — not just at work, but also in his spare time. Once in a while, a new subject catches his interest, and he wants to get to the bottom of it. Now it’s chess, but he has no idea what it will be next week. So, he prefers some variety. And that’s exactly what he can find at PAQT’s Team Core.

Thorough and well considered

When lead developer Jos went looking for a new job, he approached the matter in the only way he can: thoroughly. First, he asked an acquaintance what it’s like to work at PAQT. It was only when the latter convinced him it was great that he came by for a cup of coffee. Fortunately, we lived up to his expectations:

“I had a blast starting my job at PAQT. From the first interview to the first weeks: you can’t help but notice every step is well considered. So, you can immediately do what you’re good at: get started.”

Jos sets the bar high and likes to seize opportunities. That’s how he went from being a call center employee to working as a developer. He had the right education for the job, but he had not yet applied his knowledge in practice. Once the opportunity to do so presented itself, he seized it:

“What’s so great about my job? I can reflect as much as is necessary before I get started, simplify complex problems, and, therefore, create the best experience for application users. Another advantage is that you never stop learning.”


Once in a lifetime

Jos likes to keep challenging himself in every way. Participating in the World Rowing Coastal Championships in Hong Kong (and making it to the A-finals) wasn’t enough. The next thing on his list is the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Rowing Challenge. He still needs to train for it. But we already know he’ll pull it off!

Welcome Ricardo and Jos!

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