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A single truth for everyone

Cloud native software, mobile apps or smart links? With the platform we introduce a completely new way of implementing software. All communication, all activities, all products and all services can be found here. No hassle with information via email, Excel or telephone consultation. With this platform, there is one truth for all involved. Real time. Transparent. Understandable. In this way, the control remains where it belongs: with you, the client.

It's all about you

Let us know what you want. Which team suits you? Which technique do you need? What kind of news do you find interesting and which case appeals to you?

  • Choose your own team
  • Indicate your interest
  • Discover similar projects

Overview, insight, direction

All those involved are continuously and real-time informed of the progress of a project, the business case and the vision and ambition behind your application.

  • How much remains to be done?
  • Is it still feasible?
  • What’s done?

Personal contact with your own team

Do you have questions about the status of your project? Communicate easily with project managers and developers.

  • Direct contact
  • Schedule an appointment easily

In control with PAQT

Good collaboration is crucial for the implementation of business-critical software. Nevertheless, especially with large and very complex projects, there is always a risk that the client and the specialists of the development team lose sight of each other. The new collaboration platform, which we developed ourselves, brings business and technology back in line.

The vision behind the platform

The platform reflects our vision on how to successfully implement software together. The idea of ​​one truth for everyone is central to this. The client and his project team must have insight into the development process. On the other hand, developers can only do their job well if they understand the context and purpose of the software.

Everyone has real-time access to the same information via PAQT. Information that should also be clear and completely understandable, even without technical knowledge. Finally, all communication between the various parties takes place via the platform. Misunderstandings and missed or lost e-mails are therefore excluded.

PAQT is built on the principle of transparency. Everyone should always have the same information.
Robert Horsmans Business strategist & director
PAQT ambitie
What's your ambition?

With PAQT you have

  • Clarity for everyone
  • Less time needed for administration
  • More time left for the project itself
  • Grip on implementation and maintenance
  • Involved stakeholders, greater support
  • Maximum Control
  • People, processes and technology in line
  • More fun!
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More coming soon!

Features to come: ordering additional services and products such as hosting and SSL. But also real-time monitoring of e-mail traffic, logs and the use of your software application.

PAQT ambitie

What is your ambition?

Share your goals with us so we can join hands and get started.

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