Product design

An application's success depends in part on its design. The end user comes first. What works for them? With that in mind, user-friendliness, clarity, and logic are important topics during the product design stage, as is the solution's overall appearance.

Designing the foundation for your application

Product design is part of solution design. While the latter revolves around the complete solution — from process optimization to the associated IT — product design focuses on the final software solution’s functional and visual design. It’s an important part of the development process, as functionality and user-friendliness are largely defined at this stage — from navigation to looks and from taxonomy to interactive elements.


User-centered design: putting the user first

PAQT works according to the user-centered design principle. The complete solution is designed with the end user in mind. To provide the teams with insight into end users’ demands and needs, we create tangible personas according to the 7C model: Core values, Category needs, Category behavior, Customer journey, Communication, Company value, and Character. To this end, we interview both the target group and various customer contact employees, who know users better than anyone.

What falls under product design?

Product design goes beyond an application’s appearance. The structure, logic, and hierarchy are entirely determined at this stage. That’s why we opt for a functional start, including diagrams of navigation, templates, and screens, before we further detail the appearance. Elements handled during software product design include user stories, page templates, transitions, and design patterns.

How we work

Our standard method, Rise, consists of four stages: ‘Understand,’ ‘solution design,’ ‘plan of approach,’ and ‘implementation.’ Product design falls under the second stage, during which the entire solution is designed. During the previous stage, ‘understand,’ we've created personas and examined the underlying idea and strategy. By diving into the demand behind the demand and interviewing (end) users, we design user-friendly applications that do exactly what they should do — for the people they've been created for.

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Product design: usability testing

Design is one thing; testing whether it works is another. Every product design goes through a comprehensive process of usability testing. To this end, we create one or more prototypes, and we have (end) users test them for ease of use, attractiveness, and functionality, among other things. Their feedback is processed to perfectly tailor the designs to the target group.

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The importance of user experience design

UX design is essential to those who want to be successful with software. After all, a good experience with your app makes for happy users. And happy users drive growth! But what makes UX design so important?


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Where technology and design come together

Our UX designers, developers, and business consultants accurately map out what’s required for the perfect user experience. While doing so, they also consider the technical options for building the application. During this stage, we bring the various disciplines together. As a result, we only design solutions that can actually be created.

Our own design system

At PAQT, we’ve developed our own (open-source) design system: the Graphite design system. The design system ensures you can work efficiently on an application’s user experience — on a nice look and feel. Graphite provides us with a clear visual language, including reusable components. It therefore improves quality and consistency, ensuring our design and development processes are much more efficient.

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