Product pitch deck

A product pitch deck is a visual presentation to present your software idea to potential investors, customers, or partners. The purpose of a product pitch deck is to show the product's key features and benefits and present the business model.

Why a pitch deck?

One of the main reasons for creating a pitch deck is to convince potential investors to invest in your SaaS solution. You can also use it to convince potential customers to buy the product. By visualizing the benefits of your product, you’ll make your solution attractive to the audience. You can also use a product pitch deck to sell your software idea internally — to management — or convince partners to collaborate on development.

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Make a good impression right away

A good product pitch deck is a short presentation aimed at convincing the viewer to buy or invest in the product. The key elements of a product pitch deck include the problem the product solves, the distinctiveness of your solution, the target audience and your competitors, and a cost outline.

It’s important to create an appealing, professional product pitch deck, as it is the first impression you make on your target audience. So, we ensure the information is clear and specific, and we use visual tools to reinforce the message. That’s how we help you make a good first impression right away.

How we work

The product pitch deck is part of our dedicated working method, Rise. The underlying philosophy of this method is that we want to thoroughly understand your ambitions before we start designing, planning, and building your solution. Within Rise, the product pitch deck is part of the plan of approach. It represents how we want to realize your ambitions.

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Team Growth is here to help you

The product pitch deck is usually put together by Team Growth — in collaboration with you. Team Growth consists of business strategists, consultants, marketers, and designers. They know how important it is to properly present your plans and are familiar with the elements required to convince others of your product’s benefits.

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Benefits of a product pitch deck

Creating a product pitch deck comes with several benefits. First, it can help convince potential investors, customers, or partners to invest in or buy the product. They may include external investors as well as management (who should free up budget). By presenting your complete solution in one smashing presentation, you’ll convince stakeholders to support your ambitions.

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