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PAQT and Stichting VoorleesExpress win Golden Emerce Dutch Interactive Award

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By Thomas de Jong

Every year, Emerce presents the Dutch Interactive Awards (DIA) for the best interactive online projects. This year, PAQT and Stichting VoorleesExpress jointly won the prestigious golden DIA in the ‘communities’ category. We're incredibly proud that the professional jury of experts has recognized PAQT and the VoorleesExpress for having created the best community platform in the Netherlands.

The golden DIA was presented during the annual gala of Emerce and Dutch Digital Agencies. During a packed evening program in the Beurs van Berlage, the best cases in the market were awarded with DIAs in 15 categories.

As a nominee in the ‘communities’ category, we had the opportunity to present our platform to an independent professional jury of heavyweight experts from the digital world prior to the award ceremony. We competed against popular, well-known solutions such as the Wie is de Mol? app, the Longfonds’ Coronaplein.nu, and The Correspondent audio app. The jury determined the winners based on the concept, design and UX, result, and optimization — with a golden outcome for PAQT and Stichting VoorleesExpress.

The jury report

“Stichting VoorleesExpress was founded with the mission to support these families. In 2021, the foundation launched a new platform together with PAQT. An important part of this platform is the community, where volunteers meet and can share their knowledge. The jury thought it was wonderful, small, and properly developed. The foundation’s switch to app-only is a brave one. A number of volunteers dropped out as a result, but those who stuck around continuously use it in an active, intensive manner. Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of mutual contact, and links to other groups of stakeholders are easily made. The jury believes there are many rollout opportunities for parents/children in the wider environment of the app. In short, it’s a real community with much more potential.”

PAQT Maurits Dijkgraaf
To us, the award confirms that this model is invaluable to the nonprofit sector!
Maurits Dijkgraaf SaaS specialist & director PAQT

About The VoorleesExpress

The VoorleesExpress helps children who struggle with language by linking them to volunteers. During six months, they work with the parents and children to ensure the family pays extra attention to language. In doing so, they aim to avoid language deficiencies at a young age.

VoorleesExpress platform | PAQT

About the solution

Besides the foundation’s digitized methodology, the platform offers numerous other functionalities. Every year, over 6,000 volunteers can more easily involve nearly 5,500 families in the methodology and share tips or materials. Furthermore, they can meet volunteers at the other 449 locations in an accessible way and exchange experiences in the online community.

Read the entire case
VoorleesExpress Winnaar DIA case

Recognition for innovation

With the VoorleesExpress, we’ve successfully introduced the SaaS model, which we rolled out to 400 organizations in the nonprofit sector within nine months. Together with the foundation, we devised, tested, and rolled out the product. As early as in the concept phase, the Dutch House of Representatives recognized our solution as the new standard in supporting the Leesoffensief with a letter to parliament, which made our motivation skyrocket. The golden Dutch Interactive Award confirms once again that this model is invaluable for the nonprofit sector!

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