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One place where you can find all information. A custom portal or web portal provides a clear, secure online environment where customers or employees can view and exchange data.

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A web portal connects information

More insightful. More efficient. Less labor-intensive. Those are the effects of smart custom portals on your business processes. They facilitate collaboration among staff and with customers and suppliers. From collecting and sharing information to placing orders and making payments — have a custom portal built and you’ll achieve these goals.

We have all the in-house expertise required to develop a portal for you. If you want, we can even connect it to existing systems. And thanks to responsive design or a customized mobile app, your web portal will also be perfectly accessible on a tablet or smartphone.

What is a custom portal?

A web portal is an online ecosystem that is fully geared to connecting different types of users. They include your employees and customers as well as your partners and suppliers.

If you have a custom portal made, it will support your organization in several ways. Examples include centralizing and distributing information, data collection, data administration, establishing and maintaining business relationships, and – last but not least – placing orders and making payments.

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Endless possibilities for your custom portal

Since we’ll develop your portal in full accordance with your demands, the possibilities are endless. By making smart use of existing (open-source) frameworks and connections, we will save valuable time, and your custom portal will be ready for the future.

  • Appealing design: layout perfectly fits your corporate identity
  • Seamless integrations with existing systems through (turnkey) API connections
  • Mobile friendly: responsive design makes it suitable for smartphone or tablet
  • Mobile app: another option is to develop a separate mobile app as an extension of your web portal

How we build it

The technologies we use when building custom portals vary depending on, among other things, your objectives and any existing solutions that need to be linked or integrated. However, the technologies listed below often form the foundation.

We are by your side as a tech partner

We always collaborate closely with our clients. When building your custom portals, consider us your ‘external CTO.’ Our business and technical expertise perfectly complements your substantive market knowledge. We use a dedicated working method for the development process: Rise. This dedicated way of working has proven itself through our collaborations with over 175 organizations in recent years.

Read more about our working method

Examples of useful online portals

Goal: to facilitate process flows

Sometimes, an Excel file is no longer effective if you want to properly organize information in a process. Your solution: a platform. Information will be collected or requested from the right people at the right time. Processes will be more efficient, and it will be easier to collaborate.

Goal: to collect data

If you have a web portal created to serve as an alternative for the physical collection of information, you will save time and costs and avoid errors. Examples include a timekeeping system or online questionnaires. It’s an efficient way of working that contributes to a modern, professional image.

Goal: to place orders and make payments

Online orders and payments make the lives of customers and suppliers a lot easier. And connections to other systems, such as ERP and CRM systems, are a breeze. The results: higher returns, lower costs, and a scalable business model.

Custom portals in practice

We’ve developed custom solutions for more than 175 clients. Be inspired by a few practical examples of our clients’ successful custom portals.

More cases
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